Goldlink and the Broader Market

Assures sound stewardship of company resources, profits and dividends, as well as access to a select portfolio of investments and cooperative equity in growing companies. This results in generation of opportunities of ownership in education, agriculture, health, mining, value addition manufacturing, energy, IT telecoms, housing, commercial and residential Real estate, and hotel and resorts institutional infrastructure.

How Will This Be Achieved?

  • Application of Expanded and deepened local entrepreneurial knowledge enhanced with global best practices
  • Commitment to research, innovation and development
  • Transparency in all dealings
  • Accountability and application of high integrity at all times
  • Connecting advanced skill sets and nurturing gifts across the spectrum of stakeholders, management and communities in which we operate


Our vision is encapsulated in our slogan, "Let's Work, Let's Earn, Let's Build."

We envision ourselves making a positive impact in our Zambian communities and their welfare, using responsible business practices founded on strong Christian values, empowering our citizens; enabling our people to identify sustainable means to access wealth-building resources, plan and work the way together and underwrite a dignified retirement future with legacy building for our children and theirs.


Goldlink aims at bringing people of all walks of life together to empower themselves to improve their communities for themselves and for posterity. This mission was founded on experiences of its promoters with a combined professional, business, finance, Christian missionary social work with endured high exposures to strong ethical standings on matters of dealing with wholesome social and economic development needs of communities in which they have operated successfully. It also came about with a good understanding of the deficiencies of access by many people to resources and wealth creating tools.


As Christians, we have full responsibility for all our Master's possessions! Our Business model is founded on

  • Proven robust Christian values,
  • Evidenced wealth building success stories,
  • Good solid entrepreneurial practices from abroad and within Zambia,
  • Strong ethical business history and backgrounds of the founder directors, and
  • Subjecting of all processes to noble principles of Christian Stewardship