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OnlineTutorFinder provides online resources such as e-learning portals for registered students.

At OnlineTutorFinder you will also find text books on sale, and soon we will be launching a mobile app.

The Team

Meet the OnlineTutorFinder Team

Fanny Munyenyembe BSc. RAD
General Manager

Fanny has spent several years working for the GRZ Ministry of Health. In her spare time she studies the Bible and does Christian evangelism. She also has a passion for orphans and spends a lot of time with them.

Richard Kaombe Dip. Ed., Adv. Dip. CIMA, BA BS, ZICA Professional
Financial Consultant

Richard has taught accounting and business-related subjects schools such as Ibenga Girls, Sacred Heart Convent, Mpelembe and Chingola Secondary Schools as well as ZAMIM Chingola. He is also a co-founder of Galaxy Academic Tuition Centre. He likes to pass time by reading and writing literature, playing pool and watching soccer.

Wongani Zulu BSc. (Hons) Computing
Technology Consultant

Wongani Zulu is an ICT consultant currently filling the role of data manager at the Zambia National Malaria Elimination Centre and running Wong Zulu Online. In years passed, he taught computers at Sacred Heart Convent School and developed the Web Development curriculum for TopFloor Zambia. In his free time he watches reruns of The Big Bang Theory, writes software, watches soccer and plays chess and scrabble.