Who We Are

Matt Children’s Hope Foundation (MCHF) is a humanitarian nonprofit making non-governmental organization that operates on specific objectives to improve rural lives of children and youths between the ages of 5 to 25 - adhering to breaking the chains of poverty observing its goal; “World of Positive Minds and Free from Poverty”. It is meant to serve the less privileged, primarily in most rural areas of Zambia. MCHF is led by young individuals (youths) with the passion to empower positive change of mindset and attain positive sustainable development. The organisation is organised and operated for charitable purposes.

We provide education charitable services to disadvantaged rural children and youths. Our commitment is to ensure that education and social basic needs for beneficiaries are provided and attend school. In addition, creating a positive mindset away from social limitations for their success in education sets as our scope of concentration. We ensure that our beneficiaries are living healthy, and promote social development skills in them. Our overall perspective goal is to break the circle of poverty beginning with rural areas.

What We Do

Eradicating poverty through change of mindset, education and health, promoting and enabling quality services to vulnerable communities

MCHF is an organization that aims to reach out to many remote areas and promote diversified development. MCHF is subjected to ensure spread of development through positive change of mindset based on academic and social development.The organization is driven by the fanaticism of its team members to promote sustainable development in rural communities, particularly, those who barely meet the basic needs of life. MCHF outlook is based on improving the lives of rural children and youths between the ages of 5 to 25 and be self-reliant. A

Children from Nsefu rural areas are so eager to learn, to acquire knowledge and excel. This is our Early Supplementary Education (ESE) class (picture on the right). The program improves positive influence in education growth and the ability to appreciate education mitigation and improve lives. In the picture above, a lesson Is being conducted outside where the temperature is cool and conducive to learning.

Youth Goal Empowerment (YGE) provides a conducive environment for youths' development programs, a platform that provide constructive discussions and ideas. In addition, YGE propels to set awareness about primary matters that affect youths daily, initiate and engage youths into employable Skills and embrace talents for innovation and creativity into an opportunity to harness sustainable economic growth. YGE outlooks further to influence a mindset in valuing Education, health living (peer education), and inclusion.

We encourage children to learn and socialise. This approach promote motivation and building of a positive mindset among peers. Furthermore, it breaks gender barriers that mainly affect growth of ability in most girls that comes about by communal beliefs.


"Changing mindsets, Building a Better World"

Our Mission is to eradicate poverty through the positive change of mindset in education and health, promoting and enabling quality services to vulnerable rural communities.

Our Vision is children growing up with a broader mindset towards achieving their dreams through different measures of education and be self-reliant.

Our Goal is to develop World of Positive Minds and Free from Poverty.


Respect for Humanity

We believe in humanity, sharing the same respect for all humans and all races.


MCHF work to produce quality outcomes through our children and youths we serve and all our supporting communities. This core value flows from all levels of our organization.


Openness is our key value to build trust to the rest of the world and attained throughout our activities and prove our effectiveness to promote the growth of the rural poor beneficiaries, staff and the wider community.


We take honesty and poses strong moral principles. Sharing the joy of togetherness is key to us and be at peace with all supporting parties this includes our beneficiaries. Giving respect to all people creates a conducive environment for our growth.


We take respect to be accountable for our actions towards our services to the beneficiaries.


We build on trustworthy attributes for our small and large communities towards our endeavors and poise consistently well-performing attributes to meet ours intermediate and overall goal.


Jackson and Johan

Jackson and Johan are twins from Nsefu, aged 9. They always happy to be in school. They were both born with the eye problem that affects their learning and sometimes missing lessons. They plead from their father and their prayer is that any well-wisher o assist them with the challenge will bring joy to his life seeing his two twins loving happy as much as he is and fit.


Precious is feeling amazed having an opportunity to improve her life meeting mchf staff team. Her father and mother are both small scale farmers with little to provide for the rest of the year.

Catch A Star

Children are great stars to hold on to, Catch A Star one! A Smile of a child is always immaculate and eyes tell a big story of what truly lays within their hearts. Helping children to understand their worth, guide a path to achieve their dreams, and providing necessary resources is divine. Most rural areas of Zambia lack education resources, recreational and professional exposures that are most abundant in urban areas to help them excel. In the picture, a lesson is ongoing, creating a foundation for rural children to appreciate and understand the basic need for education and embrace its existence as one of the key elements for a successful living. Building a positive mindset in a child remain unchanged for life entirety. Let us help the young generation with an opportunity to soar and aim high like an eagle in its flight.

Meet our team

We are a team of self-motivated professionals

MCHF is driven by the fanaticism of its team members to promote sustainable development in rural communities, particularly, those who barely meet the basic needs of life. As a team, the greatest motivation is to see that the organization supports children and youths to acquire relevant academic and social education skills that will enable them to sustain their livelihoods. The organization takes heed to build good reputation in the field of children and youth empowerment and well-being.

  • member 1

    Mathews Tembo

    Founder & CEO
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    Timothy Kaula

  • member 3

    Mulenga Mwamba

    Vice Chairperson
  • member 4

    Sarah Anita Chiteta

  • member 1

    Luyando Siakatila

    Vice Secretary
  • member 2

    Christopher Chongo

  • member 3

    Noriah Kamfwa

    Vice Treasurer
  • member 4

    Caroline Chibokolo

    Director of Programmes
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    Noah Octovio Muyembe

    Disciplinary Committee Chairperson
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    Thomas Mwale

    Facility Coordinator

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We are a team of self-motivated professionals

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