ICDL modules now fit into three different categories: Base Modules, Standard Modules, and Advanced Modules. These categories also form the basis of our recommended profiles.

About ICDL: ICDL for Schools

Benefits of ICT Skills for Schools

Students with ICT skills enjoy an enriched educational experience and will be better prepared for life, work, and further learning. ICT skills enable teachers to use technology more effectively in the teaching process, thus achieving educational goals more efficiently, and in doing so save time and increase productivity in the classroom.

Improve communication and collaboration Facilitates access to information and resources Promote a positive attitude towards lifelong learning Significantly enhance internal and external communication See more here.

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Become an ICDL centre by downloading and filling in the following documents, and emailing them to enquiries@icdl.org.zm.

Download Registration Form 1
Download Registration Form 1
Download Registration Form 1