ICDL modules now fit into three different categories: Base Modules, Standard Modules, and Advanced Modules. These categories also form the basis of our recommended profiles.

About ICDL

"What is the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL)?"

ICDL is an internationally recognised qualification that enables people to certify their computer skills to an internationally recognised standard.

"What is the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)?"

ECDL is the name given to the ICDL program in Europe.

"What is ICDL Profile?"

ICDL Profile is the name of ICDL's most flexible program. It allows you to choose the module combinations best suited to your needs and interests. For more see ICDL Profile.

"What is an ICDL Profile Certificate?"

You can obtain an ICDL Profile Certificate when you've passed any mix of modules.The different modules that you choose represent your individual ICDL Profile, and when successfully completed, these modules are then listed on your ICDL Profile Certificate.

"Can I complete a module in a different location from where I started?"

Yes. Each candidate is given a unique Candidate Registration Number (CRN). This number allows a candidate to complete their ICDL certification at any ICDL Accredited Test Center worldwide.

"What amount of training is required to prepare for ICDL examinations?"

There is no set recommended number of teaching hours as this will be dependent on the needs of an individual candidate.

"What is the grade required to successfully pass each module?"

The pass mark is 75% for all modules.

"If I fail a module, when can I re-take the test?"

You can re-take the test at the next available time at your chosen ICDL Accredited Test Center (please contact your local test center as additional fees will be required).

"How much do the tests cost?"

The exact cost for testing (and for training, if needed), is set by the ICDL Accredited Test Center itself. Please contact your local test center directly for pricing information.

"Where can I complete my ICDL training tests?

At any ICDL Accredited Test Center. While most ICDL Accredited Test Centers provide both training and testing, some provide testing only.

"How are candidates tested?"

Candidates are tested in examination conditions supervised by an ICDL Accredited Tester. Test centers in USA use automated test systems which automatically assess the candidates performance on completion of each test. Automated Tests provide immediate feedback to both the center and the candidate. Candidates must complete one test for each module.

"Do I have to undergo training prior to taking the tests?"

If a candidate feels that he/she will be able to meet the criteria for the tests as set down in the Syllabus he/she can take the tests without the need for training. However, you should be sure that you are ready before sitting the tests.

"When can I start the ICDL?"

You can start the ICDL at any time by contacting any of the ICDL Accredited Test Centers near you. You are encouraged to undertake training at an ICDL Center if required. Once you are ready, you may take a test for any of the modules in any order you choose. This may be subject to training or testing schedules set by each test center.

"What are Recommended Profiles?"

ECDL Foundation and ICDL US recommend certain combinations of modules as globally applicable standards in digital proficiency, these are the ICDL Base, ICDL Standard and ICDL Expert recommended profiles.

"Is training compulsory?"

No. If you believe that you already have appropriate IT skills and are sufficiently experienced, candidates can register i.e. purchase a Candidate Registration Number (CRN) and start to take the certification tests. Everyone will have various levels of knowledge and experience and many want to undergo training for the areas where their background may be inadequate. It is recommended that candidates review the ICDL syllabus for more detailed information on the modules and the knowledge needed to pass them.

"How do I get a copy of the ICDL Syllabus?"

The syllabus for every ICDL module is available for download from the Modules section of this site.

"What are Diagnostic Tests?"

Diagnostic Tests allow a candidate to go through the testing environment in the same setting as the certification test and assess a candidate's understanding of the particular ICDL module. We recommend a passing rate of 80%+ for the diagnostic test before a candidate is encouraged to sit for the actual ICDL certification test.

Become an ICDL centre by downloading and filling in the following documents, and emailing them to enquiries@icdl.org.zm.

Download Registration Form 1
Download Registration Form 1
Download Registration Form 1